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8-Cube Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Ergin Ahmet1,682.48588
2Dan Rovira1,659.761793
3David Nias1,634.32267
4Crispin Duke1,632.263458
5Richard McQuillan1,630.292196
6Tim Parfitt1,613.272358
7Mick McGowan1,612.041477
8Martyn McGrath1,510.50823
9Mellisa Feaver1,510.27250
10Chris Churchill1,506.48839
11Dan Silve1,505.88511
12Fawzi Yousif1,478.5882
13Tom Kenny1,473.5929
14Hamid Karam1,460.00184

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for two full seasons.

Last result added on 2021-04-03.

How ratings are calculated.