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BMAB UK Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Sebastian Wilkinson1,815.872907
2Julian Fetterlein1,802.431915
3Brian Lever1,781.635534
4Tim Cross1,781.396605
5Jon Barnes1,769.3310690
6Michel Lamote1,747.74353
7Chris J Rogers1,747.635470
8Simon Barget1,747.291976
9Cat Bucur1,739.906147
10Antonio Sgambato1,733.913167
11Lawrence Powell1,733.116239
12Peter Bennet1,730.328374
13Charles Gornicki1,722.701316
14Dale Taylor1,713.681827
15Radu Ciortan1,708.375824
16Jamie MacPherson1,705.402726
17Cecilia Sparke1,705.034246
18Yan Kit Chan1,700.641330
19Geert Van der Stricht1,695.3665
20Gary Bratton1,687.982754
21Julian Minwalla1,680.003438
22Richard McQuillan1,675.721542
23Anna Clarke1,675.144477
24Mark Calderbank1,670.387849
25Neil Webb1,670.371963
26Andy Bell1,666.04973
27Nick Dawson1,659.89900
28Sean Clennell1,658.9710613
29Simon Carter1,658.572110
30Richard Furborough1,654.533683
31Richard Carter1,644.293301
32Paul Plumptre1,635.114962
33Charles Hill1,634.112539
34Alastair Woods1,633.571571
35Rachel Rhodes1,632.935267
36Martin Barkwill1,631.654655
37Nicky Check1,631.471779
38Emad Salib1,629.086419
39Julia Hayward1,622.662437
40Iulian Chirita1,621.621060
41Andrew Darby1,614.47969
42Adam Taylor1,612.841624
43Ann Pocknell1,610.872088
44Rinzing Kelsang1,608.82303
45Wayne Felton1,608.624346
46Mike Ireland1,605.369344
47Seán Jones1,602.334780
48Mike Levi1,590.642805
49Anna Price1,589.9210894
50Leo Waters1,578.85132
51Tiberiu Bostan1,571.811713
52Ian Hesketh1,571.13996
53Richard Coles1,534.60655
54Peter Hallberg1,512.6465
55Allan Dye1,478.311163
56Lars Hartmann1,469.4665
57Ion Tudor1,461.80263
58CJ Uttley1,449.293822

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for two full seasons.

Last result added on 2019-07-17.

How ratings are calculated.