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Clapton Ladder - Season 2020

Last match recorded here this season was on 2020-03-16.

RankNameScorePoints played
1Mike Ireland1,576.4557
2Ben Owen1,576.2221
3Tom O'Connor1,546.0652
4Simon Morecroft1,534.4739
5Alan Beckerson1,531.7527
6Simon Gasquoine1,527.3227
7Michael Hewson1,527.3241
8Simon Hopper1,520.6225
9Sue Perks1,492.4948
10Bill Pope1,480.6343
11Kalin Marinov1,475.6721
12Monica Beckerson1,463.9427
13Martin Sher1,441.4218
14Will Richardson1,427.5941
15Tad Collins1,378.0473

If your name's not on this list, you haven't had any ladder matches recorded for you this season: your ladder score is 1500.

Note that tournament and league matches do not count towards the ladder.

Last result added on 2020-10-01.

How the ladder works.