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Edinburgh Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Kasim Yilmez1,663.99120
2Gareth Timms1,662.01259
3Richard Trinder1,562.9126
4James McDonald1,558.5625
5Chris Collins1,550.42312
6Paul Gillam1,539.5232
7Wink Thompson1,528.9755
8David Findlay1,526.745
9Eric Fraser1,524.145
10Alexa Jacobs1,520.815
11Richard Parvie1,511.4034
12Brenda Rafferty1,509.9748
13Benjamin Carey1,506.6750
15Tayfun Aikgun1,486.1518
16Kristen Johnson1,482.583
18Nicola Stuart1,465.1956
19Anis Russell1,453.2710
20Elif Getin1,452.4923
21Hatice Esenkaya1,445.9616
22Antoine Asmar1,438.7825
23Mike Passway1,436.1415
24Karen Slawek1,430.53133
25Shona Thomson1,429.00135
26Peter Sabine1,415.7840
27Mikolaj Staszek1,385.6094
28Janet Donaldson1,366.4447

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for two full seasons.

Last result added on 2018-12-22.

How ratings are calculated.