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Lakes Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Graeme TurnerAdd1,663.13662
2Martin BarkwillAdd1,652.963054
3David GallagherAdd1,625.97512
4Steve LeeAdd1,616.934538
5Zohrab YoncaliAdd1,602.1356
6Mike LeviAdd1,592.851320
7Paul GalleyAdd1,551.3642
8Ian HeskethAdd1,549.40659
9Keith GillAdd1,527.05869
10Polidoros LapidakisAdd1,524.37721
11Andrew HunterAdd1,505.6814
12Jol WardleAdd1,482.6535
13Samantha WilkinsonAdd1,480.39105
14Jonathan KayeAdd1,451.9414
15Monty HunterAdd1,446.6414
16Barry TeeceAdd1,408.9830
17Don IrvingAdd1,359.67788

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for two full seasons.

Last result added on 2018-01-17.

How ratings are calculated.