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Alfred Herring match results from 2023-08-09 to 2023-08-09

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Roy Sagall2110550
Mike Ireland32111055
Rene Stevens330315015
Ivan Titelbaum2110550
David Gwinnutt2110550
Tad Collins330315015
Mike Michaels2110550
Alex Taylor Guillen32111055
Paul Ryb312-1510-5
John Chrysostomou422010100
Fash Ahmed312-1510-5
Elina Vassalou431215510
Gareth Adamson202-2010-10
Andy Georgiou202-2010-10
Bobby Moseley202-2010-10
Dimitrios Gkinis202-2010-10

Total of 16 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2023-08-09Roy Sagall5-Paul Ryb
2edit Wed 2023-08-09Mike Ireland5-Gareth Adamson
3edit Wed 2023-08-09Rene Stevens5-John Chrysostomou
4edit Wed 2023-08-09Ivan Titelbaum5-Andy Georgiou
5edit Wed 2023-08-09David Gwinnutt5-Bobby Moseley
6edit Wed 2023-08-09Tad Collins5-Fash Ahmed
7edit Wed 2023-08-09Mike Michaels5-Dimitrios Gkinis
8edit Wed 2023-08-09Alex Taylor Guillen5-Elina Vassalou
9edit Wed 2023-08-09Mike Ireland5-Roy Sagall
10edit Wed 2023-08-09Rene Stevens5-Ivan Titelbaum
11edit Wed 2023-08-09Tad Collins5-David Gwinnutt
12edit Wed 2023-08-09Alex Taylor Guillen5-Mike Michaels
13edit Wed 2023-08-09Rene Stevens5-Mike Ireland
14edit Wed 2023-08-09Tad Collins5-Alex Taylor Guillen
15edit Wed 2023-08-09Paul Ryb5-Gareth Adamson
16edit Wed 2023-08-09John Chrysostomou5-Andy Georgiou
17edit Wed 2023-08-09Fash Ahmed5-Bobby Moseley
18edit Wed 2023-08-09Elina Vassalou5-Dimitrios Gkinis
19edit Wed 2023-08-09Elina Vassalou5-John Chrysostomou
20edit Wed 2023-08-09Elina Vassalou5-Fash Ahmed
21edit Wed 2023-08-09John Chrysostomou5-Paul Ryb
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