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Bognor Ladder - Season 2018/19

Last match recorded here this season was on 2019-01-10.

RankNameScorePoints played
1Peter Christmas1,659.8249
2Annabel Winship1,510.001
3Anna Clarke1,500.000
3Julie Thornton1,500.000
3Richard McQuillan1,500.000
3Bob Young1,500.000
3Chris Humble1,500.000
3Paul Christmas1,500.000
3Alex Handley1,500.000
3Mick McGowan1,500.000
3Gary Young1,500.000
3Martyn McGrath1,500.000
3Maggie Snow1,500.000
3Simon Fyfe1,500.000
3Stuart Rogers1,500.000
3Rob Daniel1,500.000
3Yan Kit Chan1,500.000
3Wayne Joseph1,500.000
3Bill Pope1,500.000
3David Dennis1,500.000
3David Nathan1,500.000
3Jerry White1,500.000
3John Broomfield1,500.000
3Nils Olaf Figenschou1,500.000
3Jon Barnes1,500.000
3Milo Fell1,500.000
3Richard Biddle1,500.000
3Rob Perry1,500.000
3Rosalie Johnson1,500.000
3Tim Parfitt1,500.000
3Sean Clennell1,500.000
32Mukesk Andani1,472.004
33Crispin Duke1,469.2735
34Ian North1,449.1738
35Ian Judd1,439.7349

If your name's not on this list, you haven't had any ladder matches recorded for you this season: your ladder score is 1500.

Note that tournament and league matches do not count towards the ladder.

Last result added on 2019-01-22.

How the ladder works.