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Brighton Premier League match results from 2022-08-30 to 2022-08-30

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Nils Figenschou110111011
Karl Simpson330321021
Peter Harland312-1714-7
Richard McQuillan32111477
Tim Parfitt32111477
David Nias312-1714-7
Mike Grabsky32111477
Martyn McGrath101-1011-11
Tony Smith202-2014-14
Richard Johnson202-2014-14

Total of 10 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2022-08-30Nils Figenschou11-Martyn McGrath
2edit Tue 2022-08-30Karl Simpson7-Tony Smith
3edit Tue 2022-08-30Peter Harland7-David Nias
4edit Tue 2022-08-30Richard McQuillan7-Richard Johnson
5edit Tue 2022-08-30Tim Parfitt7-Mike Grabsky
6edit Tue 2022-08-30Karl Simpson7-Peter Harland
7edit Tue 2022-08-30Tim Parfitt7-Richard McQuillan
8edit Tue 2022-08-30David Nias7-Tony Smith
9edit Tue 2022-08-30Mike Grabsky7-Richard Johnson
10edit Tue 2022-08-30Karl Simpson7-Tim Parfitt
11edit Tue 2022-08-30Richard McQuillan7-Peter Harland
12edit Tue 2022-08-30Mike Grabsky7-David Nias
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