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BucksGammon Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Geoff Oliver1,769.264257
2Richard Biddle1,743.895511
3Simon Morecroft1,703.178196
4Sean Clennell1,653.989542
5Tariq Siddiqi1,635.7412054
6Graham Botwright1,602.561918
7Danny De Meester1,598.53360
8Afshin Foulad1,585.29356
9Neil Smith1,580.831428
10Mike Ireland1,574.338130
11Louise Cook1,570.3090
12Laurence May1,566.522968
13Kevin Murphy1,559.95367
14Ross Anderton1,559.87120
15Tanya von Ahlefeldt1,559.8460
16Anna Price1,558.388910
17Roni Sofroniou1,553.171828
18Steve Carder1,547.215863
19Peter Constantine1,543.1645
20Joerg Raabe1,534.5960
21Malcolm Robertson1,528.41547
22Caroline Biddle1,525.611320
23David Wainwright1,519.3015
24Carmel Botwright1,515.992055
25Richard Edwards1,509.0915
26John Goble1,497.82608
27Zigi Fibert1,485.24377
28Soraya Sohal1,483.5040
29Helen Matheson1,477.8915
30Alex Parker1,471.4515
31Louise Higham1,463.9026
32Daniel Miles1,448.0060
33Maria Sofroniou1,432.4415
34Cheryl Oliver1,429.65612
35Florence Martin1,429.3815
36Geoff Spurrier1,428.2815
37Peter Kerridge1,427.9215
38Tamsin Graham1,427.2315
39Jonathan Lea1,427.0015
40Ivan Scheer1,426.581465
41Sevi Osman1,425.6815
42Derek Wright1,416.79519
43Jeff Mcavoy1,411.70101
44Malcolm Martin1,409.48162
45Amanda Stecker1,406.581035
46Tim Combley1,403.57145
47Peter Langfield1,400.6745
48Tatiana Elsadek1,393.7635
49David Reay1,389.7684
50Robin Oliver1,384.85112
51Natalie Clennell1,383.3836
52Stephen Wright1,365.76366
53Richard Hoyle1,327.4887
54Linda Taylor1,291.373577
55Victor Adams1,289.43320
56Nigel Moore1,274.59942
57Peter Wardell1,268.521027
58Annie Craig1,232.141570
59Elise Wright1,122.67358

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for two full seasons.

Last result added on 2019-01-22.

How ratings are calculated.