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Cambridge match results from 2023-04-03 to 2023-04-03

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Julia Hayward3211633
Mark Williams43121156
Cristian Tudorache312-1310-7
Tim Hall211035-2
Charles Pickard330313013
Alison Thatcher312-138-5
Andreea Festeu431213310
David Thatcher202-206-6
Andrew Baxter202-206-6

Total of 10 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2023-04-03Julia Hayward3-Alison Thatcher
2edit Mon 2023-04-03Mark Williams3-David Thatcher
3edit Mon 2023-04-03Mark Williams3-Julia Hayward
4edit Mon 2023-04-03Cristian Tudorache3-Andreea Festeu
5edit Mon 2023-04-03Tim Hall3-Andrew Baxter
6edit Mon 2023-04-03Charles Pickard3-Wendy
7edit Mon 2023-04-03Mark Williams5-Cristian Tudorache
8edit Mon 2023-04-03Charles Pickard5-Tim Hall
9edit Mon 2023-04-03Charles Pickard5-Mark Williams
10edit Mon 2023-04-03Alison Thatcher3-David Thatcher
11edit Mon 2023-04-03Andreea Festeu3-Andrew Baxter
12edit Mon 2023-04-03Julia Hayward3-Wendy
13edit Mon 2023-04-03Andreea Festeu5-Alison Thatcher
14edit Mon 2023-04-03Andreea Festeu5-Cristian Tudorache
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