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Clapton Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Bill Pope1,768.714731
2Lawrence Powell1,710.585539
3Tad Collins1,705.092762
4Kevin Jones1,703.3811127
5Simon Morecroft1,698.118182
6Lee Gorton1,676.512532
7Jan Schulte1,670.651349
8Jysen Quah1,658.223489
9Simon Hopper1,641.452690
10Tariq Siddiqi1,634.7112027
11Brian Walker1,628.611300
12Mike Murton1,625.832802
13Chris Sly1,610.111078
14Neculai Axinte1,606.22338
15John Hedge1,606.04369
16Jonathan Lamb1,600.62810
17Patrick McGuinness1,596.82267
18Mark Todkill1,596.51972
19David Dennis1,587.323985
20André Larsen1,587.11603
21Larry Smyth1,587.004564
22Mike Ireland1,578.368104
23Emad Salib1,572.485546
24Richard Halvorsen1,568.142923
25Martha Littlehailes1,564.76128
26Anna Price1,558.388910
27Al Hogg1,557.72563
28Michael Hewson1,551.253585
29Andrew Kindler1,546.16231
30Lewis Potter1,521.602673
31Ben Owen1,519.094966
32Alan Beckerson1,514.125981
33Crispin Duke1,510.072452
34Bek Barbaros1,506.734567
35Gareth Adamson1,503.171420
36Tim Pardon1,495.16754
37Monica Beckerson1,492.095934
38Nick Fore1,489.5189
39Chris Palmer1,483.63308
40Cato Fordham1,465.71237
41Simon Gasquoine1,459.38170
42Sebastian Adams1,458.782931
43Perry Simmons1,457.4752
44Jeremy Tan1,456.8710
45Milica Nedic1,452.1310
46Sue Keeble1,449.183500
47Guy Levi1,445.97356
48Conor Machugh1,440.44429
49Neil Barker1,437.4415
50Liz Dunningham1,433.2425
51Will Richardson1,426.72541
52Steve Mitchell1,407.18697
53Radu Susan1,376.40393
54Philip Nicolas1,356.4851
55Paul Rose1,333.37507
56Kalin Marinov1,321.06764
57Vicky Gilbart1,314.332016
58Jo Sayers1,311.11112
59Sue Perks1,309.431352
60Cledwyn Davies1,298.21290
61Graham Smith1,199.344417

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for two full seasons.

Last result added on 2019-01-20.

How ratings are calculated.