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Ealing match results from 2014-04-10 to 2014-04-10

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Geoff Oliver2110550
Peter Bennet32111055
Tariq Siddiqi312-1510-5
Eric Maillebiau431215510
Fergus Cooney541320515
Steve John2110550
Ben Owen312-1510-5
Bill Pope32111055
Paul Howe312-1510-5
Frédéric Thomas422010100
Mike Ireland2110550
Simon Morecroft431215510
Eric McAlpine202-2010-10
Marina Smith101-105-5
Jon Barnes202-2010-10
Sue Buchan101-105-5

Total of 16 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2014-04-10Geoff Oliver5-Eric McAlpine
2edit Thu 2014-04-10Peter Bennet5-Fergus Cooney
3edit Thu 2014-04-10Tariq Siddiqi5-Frédéric Thomas
4edit Thu 2014-04-10Eric Maillebiau5-Paul Howe
5edit Thu 2014-04-10Fergus Cooney5-Marina Smith
6edit Thu 2014-04-10Steve John5-Jon Barnes
7edit Thu 2014-04-10Ben Owen5-Simon Morecroft
8edit Thu 2014-04-10Bill Pope5-Sue Buchan
9edit Thu 2014-04-10Peter Bennet5-Geoff Oliver
10edit Thu 2014-04-10Eric Maillebiau5-Tariq Siddiqi
11edit Thu 2014-04-10Fergus Cooney5-Steve John
12edit Thu 2014-04-10Bill Pope5-Ben Owen
13edit Thu 2014-04-10Eric Maillebiau5-Peter Bennet
14edit Thu 2014-04-10Fergus Cooney5-Bill Pope
15edit Thu 2014-04-10Fergus Cooney5-Eric Maillebiau
16edit Thu 2014-04-10Paul Howe5-Ben Owen
17edit Thu 2014-04-10Frédéric Thomas5-Eric McAlpine
18edit Thu 2014-04-10Mike Ireland5-Tariq Siddiqi
19edit Thu 2014-04-10Simon Morecroft5-Jon Barnes
20edit Thu 2014-04-10Frédéric Thomas5-Paul Howe
21edit Thu 2014-04-10Simon Morecroft5-Mike Ireland
22edit Thu 2014-04-10Simon Morecroft5-Frédéric Thomas
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