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Ealing match results from 2019-07-11 to 2019-07-11

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Anna Price330321021
Steve Mitchell32111477
Robert Jelenski32111477
Graham Smith312-1714-7
Mike Michaels422014122
Mike Ireland523-11219-7
Jonathan Shaul413-2719-12
Petar Vidovic431221714
Ilke Tuna541328721
Maurizio Eletti422014140
Stephen Ward312-1714-7
Alan Beckerson32111679
Gerald O'Rourke312-1914-5
Tim Connolly523-11021-11
Monica Beckerson202-2016-16
Hamlet Grigoryan101-107-7
Graham Read101-109-9

Total of 17 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Thu 2019-07-11Anna Price7-Jonathan Shaul
2edit Thu 2019-07-11Steve Mitchell7-Mike Michaels
3edit Thu 2019-07-11Robert Jelenski7-Tim Connolly
4edit Thu 2019-07-11Graham Smith7-Mike Ireland
5edit Thu 2019-07-11Anna Price7-Steve Mitchell
6edit Thu 2019-07-11Mike Michaels7-Jonathan Shaul
7edit Thu 2019-07-11Robert Jelenski7-Graham Smith
8edit Thu 2019-07-11Mike Ireland7-Tim Connolly
9edit Thu 2019-07-11Mike Michaels7-Mike Ireland
10edit Thu 2019-07-11Anna Price7-Robert Jelenski
11edit Thu 2019-07-11Steve Mitchell7-Graham Smith
12edit Thu 2019-07-11Jonathan Shaul7-Tim Connolly
13edit Thu 2019-07-11Petar Vidovic7-Gerald O'Rourke
14edit Thu 2019-07-11Ilke Tuna7-Monica Beckerson
15edit Thu 2019-07-11Maurizio Eletti7-Hamlet Grigoryan
16edit Thu 2019-07-11Stephen Ward7-Alan Beckerson
17edit Thu 2019-07-11Ilke Tuna7-Petar Vidovic
18edit Thu 2019-07-11Maurizio Eletti7-Stephen Ward
19edit Thu 2019-07-11Ilke Tuna7-Maurizio Eletti
20edit Thu 2019-07-11Alan Beckerson9-Monica Beckerson
21edit Thu 2019-07-11Gerald O'Rourke9-Graham Read
22edit Thu 2019-07-11Alan Beckerson7-Gerald O'Rourke
23edit Thu 2019-07-11Petar Vidovic7-Stephen Ward
24edit Thu 2019-07-11Ilke Tuna7-Maurizio Eletti
25edit Thu 2019-07-11Petar Vidovic7-Ilke Tuna
26edit Thu 2019-07-11Mike Ireland5-Mike Michaels
27edit Thu 2019-07-11Tim Connolly5-Jonathan Shaul
28edit Thu 2019-07-11Tim Connolly5-Mike Ireland
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