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Ealing match results from 2021-11-22 to 2021-11-22

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Roger Phillips312-1814-6
Tim Hanford202-2610-4
Mike Ireland33031596
Susanne Evers202-2310-7
Yas Turan42201317-4
Jimmy Ishac33031578
Henry Keane413-215150
Trudi Brown42201416-2
Dan Feeny431219109
Eric Maillebiau202-2414-10
Afshin Foulad312-1714-7
Lawrence Powell330321417
Emad Salib202-2214-12
Len Brown321118162
Petar Vidovic32111477
Gavin Anderson431218810
Parvin Faridian312-1911-2
Jon Jelly202-2210-8
David Brown21101275
Peter Bennet211079-2

Total of 20 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2021-11-22Roger Phillips5-Henry Keane
2edit Mon 2021-11-22Tim Hanford-5Trudi Brown
3edit Mon 2021-11-22Mike Ireland5-Gavin Anderson
4edit Mon 2021-11-22Susanne Evers-5Dan Feeny
5edit Mon 2021-11-22Yas Turan5-Parvin Faridian
6edit Mon 2021-11-22Jimmy Ishac5-Jon Jelly
7edit Mon 2021-11-22Henry Keane5-Jon Jelly
8edit Mon 2021-11-22Susanne Evers-5Parvin Faridian
9edit Mon 2021-11-22Tim Hanford-5Gavin Anderson
10edit Mon 2021-11-22Yas Turan5-Dan Feeny
11edit Mon 2021-11-22Mike Ireland5-Trudi Brown
12edit Mon 2021-11-22Roger Phillips-5Jimmy Ishac
13edit Mon 2021-11-22Trudi Brown-5Gavin Anderson
14edit Mon 2021-11-22Roger Phillips-5Dan Feeny
15edit Mon 2021-11-22Jimmy Ishac5-Henry Keane
16edit Mon 2021-11-22Mike Ireland5-Yas Turan
17edit Mon 2021-11-22Henry Keane-5Trudi Brown
18edit Mon 2021-11-22Dan Feeny5-Parvin Faridian
19edit Mon 2021-11-22Yas Turan-5Gavin Anderson
20edit Mon 2021-11-22Eric Maillebiau-7Len Brown
21edit Mon 2021-11-22Afshin Foulad-7David Brown
22edit Mon 2021-11-22Lawrence Powell7-Petar Vidovic
23edit Mon 2021-11-22Emad Salib-7Peter Bennet
24edit Mon 2021-11-22Len Brown7-David Brown
25edit Mon 2021-11-22Lawrence Powell7-Peter Bennet
26edit Mon 2021-11-22Lawrence Powell7-Len Brown
27edit Mon 2021-11-22Afshin Foulad7-Emad Salib
28edit Mon 2021-11-22Petar Vidovic7-Eric Maillebiau
29edit Mon 2021-11-22Afshin Foulad-7Petar Vidovic
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