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Ealing Ladder - Season 2019

Last match recorded here this season was on 2019-03-14.

RankNameScorePoints played
1Peter Bennet1,639.81106
2Mike Ireland1,628.62204
3Nick Sandqvist1,603.1698
4John McNeill1,591.7379
5Jonathan Shaul1,585.3130
6Michael Hewson1,584.1620
7Anna Price1,582.0883
8Lawrence Powell1,581.6944
9Graham Read1,574.84142
10Darren Woodcock1,573.95130
12Joseph Sarkis1,563.58188
13Stefan Holz1,562.6629
14Mahmoud Jahanbani1,559.3277
15Petar Vidovic1,557.31172
16Sean Clennell1,548.6340
17Trudi Seely1,548.1730
18Gerald O'Rourke1,546.79248
19Simon Morecroft1,544.0820
20Chris Hamilton1,543.8910
21Steve Mitchell1,543.5342
22Amir Hassannia1,530.7321
23Eric Maillebiau1,527.0751
24Phil Perelmuter1,526.4621
25Neculai Axinte1,524.0515
26Malcolm Robertson1,523.3115
27Steve Carder1,522.4515
28Paul Pfanner1,522.0815
29Sebastian Adams1,519.56172
30Tim Connolly1,513.9784
31Valerie Hayes1,507.1642
32Simon-Manuel Otic1,501.5014
33Emad Salib1,499.44100
34Wissam Ghoussainy1,498.7010
35Philippe Gerard1,498.4510
36Geoff Oliver1,498.1814
37Alan Beckerson1,496.05221
38Monica Beckerson1,494.04253
39Maurizio Eletti1,480.8745
40Richard Biddle1,480.835
41Mardi Ohannessian1,478.635
43Bill Pope1,477.7215
44Valerie Smith1,477.645
45Rowan Swallow1,477.515
46Linda Taylor1,476.9915
47Adam Stylianou1,476.2615
48Susanne Evers1,471.8021
49Mike Michaels1,467.9721
50Sion Edwards1,467.8421
51Ilke Tuna1,465.2441
52Rosalie Johnson1,453.6839
53Tony Meyers1,453.5112
54Gregge Madan1,453.3512
55Jake Perelmuter1,447.0814
56Yener Ciner1,444.6382
57Freddie Green1,429.4415
58Tariq Siddiqi1,425.9486
59Ben Owen1,417.88115
60Uli Koch1,411.28131
61Dick Jordan1,404.7824
62Irving Press1,368.62157
63Brian O'Connor1,356.6487
64Rod Hanreck1,354.92216
65Yas Turan-Stephens1,351.6841
66Graham Smith1,309.32170

If your name's not on this list, you haven't had any ladder matches recorded for you this season: your ladder score is 1500.

Note that tournament and league matches do not count towards the ladder.

Last result added on 2019-03-20.

How the ladder works.