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Fulham match results from 2020-02-25 to 2020-02-25

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Emma Hall312-136-3
Marco Bellini3211633
Claire Gardner312-136-3
Dee Jeffery312-136-3
Lorna Vestey303-309-9
Roger Oldring3211633
Max Schichan312-1714-7
Alex Ellerington312-1714-7
Ed Brown32111477
Malcolm Comfort330321021
Jack Ellery303-3021-21
Nick Ray330315015
Sebastian Adams312-1510-5
John Smye3211871
Steve Mitchell312-178-1
Graham Read312-178-1
Tony Steward312-1312-9
Panos Panayiotou3211633
Nicole Coleman3303909
Jimmy Ishac32111477

Total of 20 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2020-02-25Emma Hall-3Roger Oldring
2edit Tue 2020-02-25Marco Bellini3-Panos Panayiotou
3edit Tue 2020-02-25Claire Gardner3-Lorna Vestey
4edit Tue 2020-02-25Dee Jeffery-3Nicole Coleman
5edit Tue 2020-02-25Dee Jeffery3-Lorna Vestey
6edit Tue 2020-02-25Emma Hall-3Panos Panayiotou
7edit Tue 2020-02-25Claire Gardner-3Nicole Coleman
8edit Tue 2020-02-25Marco Bellini-3Roger Oldring
9edit Tue 2020-02-25Claire Gardner-3Panos Panayiotou
10edit Tue 2020-02-25Marco Bellini3-Dee Jeffery
11edit Tue 2020-02-25Lorna Vestey-3Emma Hall
12edit Tue 2020-02-25Roger Oldring-3Nicole Coleman
13edit Tue 2020-02-25Max Schichan-7Jimmy Ishac
14edit Tue 2020-02-25Alex Ellerington-7Malcolm Comfort
15edit Tue 2020-02-25Ed Brown7-Jack Ellery
16edit Tue 2020-02-25Alex Ellerington7-Jack Ellery
17edit Tue 2020-02-25Malcolm Comfort7-Max Schichan
18edit Tue 2020-02-25Ed Brown7-Jimmy Ishac
19edit Tue 2020-02-25Alex Ellerington-7Jimmy Ishac
20edit Tue 2020-02-25Jack Ellery-7Max Schichan
21edit Tue 2020-02-25Ed Brown-7Malcolm Comfort
22edit Tue 2020-02-25Nick Ray7-Tony Steward
23edit Tue 2020-02-25Sebastian Adams-7Graham Read
24edit Tue 2020-02-25John Smye-7Steve Mitchell
25edit Tue 2020-02-25John Smye5-Tony Steward
26edit Tue 2020-02-25Steve Mitchell-5Sebastian Adams
27edit Tue 2020-02-25Nick Ray5-Graham Read
28edit Tue 2020-02-25Graham Read-3John Smye
29edit Tue 2020-02-25Tony Steward3-Steve Mitchell
30edit Tue 2020-02-25Nick Ray3-Sebastian Adams
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