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Fulham match results from 2022-08-24 to 2022-08-24

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Toby Toller32111477
David Brown330321021
Trudi Seely32111477
Can Cag312-1714-7
Tony Steward312-1714-7
Sebastian Adams32111477
Roger Phillips312-1714-7
John Bass32111257
Oliver Sunda32111257
Jason Phillips330317017
Astrid Phillips312-1512-7
Max Schichan312-1512-7
Lorna Vestey303-3021-21
Rob Avjian303-3017-17

Total of 14 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Wed 2022-08-24Toby Toller7-Roger Phillips
2edit Wed 2022-08-24David Brown7-Tony Steward
3edit Wed 2022-08-24Trudi Seely7-Sebastian Adams
4edit Wed 2022-08-24Can Cag7-Lorna Vestey
5edit Wed 2022-08-24Tony Steward7-Lorna Vestey
6edit Wed 2022-08-24Sebastian Adams7-Roger Phillips
7edit Wed 2022-08-24David Brown7-Can Cag
8edit Wed 2022-08-24Toby Toller7-Trudi Seely
9edit Wed 2022-08-24Sebastian Adams7-Tony Steward
10edit Wed 2022-08-24Trudi Seely7-Can Cag
11edit Wed 2022-08-24Roger Phillips7-Lorna Vestey
12edit Wed 2022-08-24David Brown7-Toby Toller
13edit Wed 2022-08-24John Bass7-Max Schichan
14edit Wed 2022-08-24Oliver Sunda7-Astrid Phillips
15edit Wed 2022-08-24Jason Phillips7-Rob Avjian
16edit Wed 2022-08-24Astrid Phillips5-Rob Avjian
17edit Wed 2022-08-24Jason Phillips5-Max Schichan
18edit Wed 2022-08-24John Bass5-Oliver Sunda
19edit Wed 2022-08-24Oliver Sunda5-Rob Avjian
20edit Wed 2022-08-24Max Schichan5-Astrid Phillips
21edit Wed 2022-08-24Jason Phillips5-John Bass
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