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Loddon match results from 2023-04-25 to 2023-04-25

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Sarah Cushion440420416
Jon Denny422014113
Richard Basset32111055
Steve Cant43121192
David Morgan532115132
Steve Holman312-1810-2
Andrew Barrett312-1510-5
Philip Fleischer202-2310-7
Terry Cant202-2210-8
Amy Rodulfo202-228-6

Total of 10 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2023-04-25Sarah Cushion5-Andrew Barrett
2edit Tue 2023-04-25Jon Denny5-Steve Holman
3edit Tue 2023-04-25Richard Basset5-Philip Fleischer
4edit Tue 2023-04-25Steve Cant5-Terry Cant
5edit Tue 2023-04-25Sarah Cushion5-David Morgan
6edit Tue 2023-04-25Richard Basset5-Steve Cant
7edit Tue 2023-04-25Sarah Cushion5-Jon Denny
8edit Tue 2023-04-25Sarah Cushion5-Richard Basset
9edit Tue 2023-04-25David Morgan5-Steve Holman
10edit Tue 2023-04-25Steve Cant3-Jon Denny
11edit Tue 2023-04-25Steve Holman5-Terry Cant
12edit Tue 2023-04-25David Morgan5-Philip Fleischer
13edit Tue 2023-04-25David Morgan5-Andrew Barrett
14edit Tue 2023-04-25Andrew Barrett5-Amy Rodulfo
15edit Tue 2023-04-25Steve Cant3-Amy Rodulfo
16edit Tue 2023-04-25Jon Denny5-David Morgan
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