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London Clubs League match results from 2015-02-17 to 2015-02-17

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Wayne Felton32111055
Romolo Mudu32111055
John Broomfield32111055
Lesley Schiff312-1510-5
Jamal Abraham32111055
Peter Falter32111055
Frank Plugge32111055
Angelika Stapf303-3015-15
Paul Newman312-1510-5
Oskar Newman312-1510-5
Andrew Derrick32111055
Brenda Rosen312-1510-5

Total of 12 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2015-02-17Wayne Felton-5Frank Plugge
2edit Tue 2015-02-17Romolo Mudu5-Angelika Stapf
3edit Tue 2015-02-17John Broomfield5-Paul Newman
4edit Tue 2015-02-17Lesley Schiff-5Oskar Newman
5edit Tue 2015-02-17Jamal Abraham5-Andrew Derrick
6edit Tue 2015-02-17Peter Falter5-Brenda Rosen
7edit Tue 2015-02-17Wayne Felton5-Paul Newman
8edit Tue 2015-02-17Romolo Mudu5-Frank Plugge
9edit Tue 2015-02-17John Broomfield5-Angelika Stapf
10edit Tue 2015-02-17Lesley Schiff5-Brenda Rosen
11edit Tue 2015-02-17Jamal Abraham5-Oskar Newman
12edit Tue 2015-02-17Peter Falter-5Andrew Derrick
13edit Tue 2015-02-17Wayne Felton5-Angelika Stapf
14edit Tue 2015-02-17Romolo Mudu-5Paul Newman
15edit Tue 2015-02-17John Broomfield-5Frank Plugge
16edit Tue 2015-02-17Lesley Schiff-5Andrew Derrick
17edit Tue 2015-02-17Jamal Abraham-5Brenda Rosen
18edit Tue 2015-02-17Peter Falter5-Oskar Newman
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