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London Clubs League match results from 2018-11-12 to 2018-11-12

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Tony Lezard312-1510-5
Alex Cooper32111055
Rick Hirst32111055
Michael Flesch312-1510-5
Richard Olsen312-1510-5
Anthony Miller32111055
Alan Briefel32111055
Ben Posen312-1510-5
Danny Cohen32111055
Mike Ireland312-1510-5
Ray Kershaw312-1510-5
Regina Dodge32111055

Total of 12 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2018-11-12Tony Lezard-5Alan Briefel
2edit Mon 2018-11-12Alex Cooper5-Ben Posen
3edit Mon 2018-11-12Rick Hirst5-Danny Cohen
4edit Mon 2018-11-12Michael Flesch-5Mike Ireland
5edit Mon 2018-11-12Richard Olsen5-Ray Kershaw
6edit Mon 2018-11-12Anthony Miller5-Regina Dodge
7edit Mon 2018-11-12Tony Lezard5-Ray Kershaw
8edit Mon 2018-11-12Alex Cooper-5Regina Dodge
9edit Mon 2018-11-12Rick Hirst5-Alan Briefel
10edit Mon 2018-11-12Michael Flesch5-Ben Posen
11edit Mon 2018-11-12Richard Olsen-5Danny Cohen
12edit Mon 2018-11-12Anthony Miller5-Mike Ireland
13edit Mon 2018-11-12Tony Lezard-5Danny Cohen
14edit Mon 2018-11-12Alex Cooper5-Mike Ireland
15edit Mon 2018-11-12Rick Hirst-5Ray Kershaw
16edit Mon 2018-11-12Michael Flesch-5Regina Dodge
17edit Mon 2018-11-12Richard Olsen-5Alan Briefel
18edit Mon 2018-11-12Anthony Miller-5Ben Posen
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