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London Players League match results from 2020-01-18 to 2020-01-18

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
David James Collins220222022
Jerry White202-2022-22
Matt Ellison211011110
Sebastian Adams211011110
Lesley Schiff211011110
Eric McAlpine211011110
Merrin Rose211011110
George Jacobs211011110
Simon Morecroft211011110
Alan Briefel211011110

Total of 10 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sat 2020-01-18David James Collins11-Jerry White
2edit Sat 2020-01-18Jerry White-11David James Collins
3edit Sat 2020-01-18Matt Ellison-11Lesley Schiff
4edit Sat 2020-01-18Sebastian Adams-11Merrin Rose
5edit Sat 2020-01-18Lesley Schiff-11Matt Ellison
6edit Sat 2020-01-18Eric McAlpine11-Simon Morecroft
7edit Sat 2020-01-18Merrin Rose-11Sebastian Adams
8edit Sat 2020-01-18George Jacobs-11Alan Briefel
9edit Sat 2020-01-18Simon Morecroft11-Eric McAlpine
10edit Sat 2020-01-18Alan Briefel-11George Jacobs
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