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North London match results from 2020-01-13 to 2020-01-13

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Afshin Foulad330321021
Michael Flesch303-3021-21
Anna Price312-1714-7
Emad Salib32111477
Peter Stevens312-1714-7
Chris Hamilton330321021
Perry Simmons312-1714-7
Paul Rose32111477
Kevin Jones32111477
Emin Olcay303-3021-21
Paul Ryb312-1510-5
Serban Murgu312-1510-5
Annie Craig312-1510-5
Ioannis Argyrou32111055
Amanda Stecker303-3015-15
Sonny Green32111055
Petar Vidovic32111055
Morris Mehr312-1510-5
Roni Sofroniou32111055
Tad Collins330315015
Andy Georgiou312-1510-5
Adam Bass32111055
Robert Mead312-1510-5
David Phillips32111477
Martin Sher312-1714-7
Chris Neal32111055
Mike Ireland330315015
Roger Oldring303-3015-15

Total of 28 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2020-01-13Afshin Foulad7-Emad Salib
2edit Mon 2020-01-13Michael Flesch-7Anna Price
3edit Mon 2020-01-13Anna Price-7Afshin Foulad
4edit Mon 2020-01-13Emad Salib7-Michael Flesch
5edit Mon 2020-01-13Michael Flesch-7Afshin Foulad
6edit Mon 2020-01-13Emad Salib7-Anna Price
7edit Mon 2020-01-13Peter Stevens-7Kevin Jones
8edit Mon 2020-01-13Chris Hamilton7-Emin Olcay
9edit Mon 2020-01-13Perry Simmons-7David Phillips
10edit Mon 2020-01-13Paul Rose7-Martin Sher
11edit Mon 2020-01-13Perry Simmons-7Martin Sher
12edit Mon 2020-01-13Paul Rose-7David Phillips
13edit Mon 2020-01-13Peter Stevens7-Emin Olcay
14edit Mon 2020-01-13Chris Hamilton7-Kevin Jones
15edit Mon 2020-01-13Kevin Jones7-Martin Sher
16edit Mon 2020-01-13Paul Rose7-Peter Stevens
17edit Mon 2020-01-13Emin Olcay-7Perry Simmons
18edit Mon 2020-01-13Chris Hamilton7-David Phillips
19edit Mon 2020-01-13Paul Ryb-5Sonny Green
20edit Mon 2020-01-13Serban Murgu5-Chris Neal
21edit Mon 2020-01-13Annie Craig5-Amanda Stecker
22edit Mon 2020-01-13Ioannis Argyrou-5Mike Ireland
23edit Mon 2020-01-13Ioannis Argyrou5-Amanda Stecker
24edit Mon 2020-01-13Paul Ryb-5Chris Neal
25edit Mon 2020-01-13Annie Craig-5Mike Ireland
26edit Mon 2020-01-13Serban Murgu-5Sonny Green
27edit Mon 2020-01-13Annie Craig-5Chris Neal
28edit Mon 2020-01-13Serban Murgu-5Ioannis Argyrou
29edit Mon 2020-01-13Amanda Stecker-5Paul Ryb
30edit Mon 2020-01-13Sonny Green-5Mike Ireland
31edit Mon 2020-01-13Petar Vidovic-5Adam Bass
32edit Mon 2020-01-13Morris Mehr-5Andy Georgiou
33edit Mon 2020-01-13Roni Sofroniou5-Roger Oldring
34edit Mon 2020-01-13Tad Collins5-Robert Mead
35edit Mon 2020-01-13Morris Mehr5-Robert Mead
36edit Mon 2020-01-13Petar Vidovic5-Roger Oldring
37edit Mon 2020-01-13Tad Collins5-Andy Georgiou
38edit Mon 2020-01-13Roni Sofroniou5-Adam Bass
39edit Mon 2020-01-13Andy Georgiou-5Petar Vidovic
40edit Mon 2020-01-13Adam Bass5-Morris Mehr
41edit Mon 2020-01-13Robert Mead5-Roger Oldring
42edit Mon 2020-01-13Roni Sofroniou-5Tad Collins
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