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Romsey match results from 2023-11-18 to 2023-11-18

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Alan Masters532115123
Bob Young422010100
Phillip Golding422010100
Crispin Duke431215510
John Caswell413-2515-10
Cassius Chanides523-11015-5
Nick Thorpe660634034
Barney Maunder-Taylor422010100
Stuart Rogers422010100
Kitty Carruthers413-2515-10
Pete Willcocks422010100
Dave Wilkins532115105
Peter Christmas6422221012
Angela Fendley63301517-2
Andrew Darby532115123
Julie Thornton6422221210
Lesley Hobbs413-2515-10
Bryan Pogson642220128
Trevor Rutter413-2515-10
Lynda Bradford6422221012
Jo Fennell413-2515-10
Aaron Milne523-11015-5
Mukesk Andani514-3520-15
Carol Hawkins404-4020-20

Total of 24 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Sat 2023-11-18Alan Masters5-Peter Christmas
2edit Sat 2023-11-18Bob Young5-Lynda Bradford
3edit Sat 2023-11-18Phillip Golding5-Andrew Darby
4edit Sat 2023-11-18Crispin Duke5-Lesley Hobbs
5edit Sat 2023-11-18John Caswell5-Kitty Carruthers
6edit Sat 2023-11-18Cassius Chanides5-Aaron Milne
7edit Sat 2023-11-18Nick Thorpe5-Carol Hawkins
8edit Sat 2023-11-18Barney Maunder-Taylor5-Jo Fennell
9edit Sat 2023-11-18Stuart Rogers5-Angela Fendley
10edit Sat 2023-11-18Crispin Duke5-John Caswell
11edit Sat 2023-11-18Kitty Carruthers5-Lesley Hobbs
12edit Sat 2023-11-18Pete Willcocks5-Mukesk Andani
13edit Sat 2023-11-18Dave Wilkins5-Julie Thornton
14edit Sat 2023-11-18Nick Thorpe5-Jo Fennell
15edit Sat 2023-11-18Peter Christmas5-Trevor Rutter
16edit Sat 2023-11-18Alan Masters5-Bryan Pogson
17edit Sat 2023-11-18Crispin Duke5-Kitty Carruthers
18edit Sat 2023-11-18Angela Fendley5-Bob Young
19edit Sat 2023-11-18Barney Maunder-Taylor5-Carol Hawkins
20edit Sat 2023-11-18Stuart Rogers5-Lynda Bradford
21edit Sat 2023-11-18Andrew Darby5-Mukesk Andani
22edit Sat 2023-11-18Julie Thornton5-Aaron Milne
23edit Sat 2023-11-18Dave Wilkins5-Cassius Chanides
24edit Sat 2023-11-18Pete Willcocks5-Phillip Golding
25edit Sat 2023-11-18Lesley Hobbs5-John Caswell
26edit Sat 2023-11-18Bryan Pogson5-Peter Christmas
27edit Sat 2023-11-18Trevor Rutter5-Alan Masters
28edit Sat 2023-11-18Bob Young5-Stuart Rogers
29edit Sat 2023-11-18Lynda Bradford5-Angela Fendley
30edit Sat 2023-11-18Jo Fennell5-Carol Hawkins
31edit Sat 2023-11-18Nick Thorpe5-Barney Maunder-Taylor
32edit Sat 2023-11-18Andrew Darby5-Pete Willcocks
33edit Sat 2023-11-18Julie Thornton5-Cassius Chanides
34edit Sat 2023-11-18Phillip Golding5-Mukesk Andani
35edit Sat 2023-11-18Aaron Milne5-Dave Wilkins
36edit Sat 2023-11-18Aaron Milne5-Jo Fennell
37edit Sat 2023-11-18Bryan Pogson5-Trevor Rutter
38edit Sat 2023-11-18Angela Fendley5-Trevor Rutter
39edit Sat 2023-11-18Julie Thornton5-Crispin Duke
40edit Sat 2023-11-18Lynda Bradford5-Kitty Carruthers
41edit Sat 2023-11-18Dave Wilkins5-Pete Willcocks
42edit Sat 2023-11-18Peter Christmas5-John Caswell
43edit Sat 2023-11-18Cassius Chanides5-Lesley Hobbs
44edit Sat 2023-11-18Andrew Darby5-Barney Maunder-Taylor
45edit Sat 2023-11-18Nick Thorpe5-Phillip Golding
46edit Sat 2023-11-18Alan Masters5-Bob Young
47edit Sat 2023-11-18Bryan Pogson5-Stuart Rogers
48edit Sat 2023-11-18Mukesk Andani5-Carol Hawkins
49edit Sat 2023-11-18Lynda Bradford5-Aaron Milne
50edit Sat 2023-11-18Nick Thorpe7-Alan Masters
51edit Sat 2023-11-18Julie Thornton7-Andrew Darby
52edit Sat 2023-11-18Bryan Pogson5-Dave Wilkins
53edit Sat 2023-11-18Angela Fendley5-Mukesk Andani
54edit Sat 2023-11-18Peter Christmas5-Cassius Chanides
55edit Sat 2023-11-18Peter Christmas7-Angela Fendley
56edit Sat 2023-11-18Lynda Bradford7-Bryan Pogson
57edit Sat 2023-11-18Nick Thorpe7-Julie Thornton
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