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Rated Match Policy

On 15th March 2017, the UKBGF adopted its official results policy PDF, which is designed to establish a standard for the quality of results posted to this site.

The UKBGF policy is supplemented by local policies, which give club managers the freedom to define local rules that work for the way their events are run.

The manager for Ruislip data on this site is Cliff Eaton.

The local policy for Ruislip is as follows:

Tournament rules

The RBGC is affiliated to the UK Backgammon Federation. Consequently, we abide by their UK conventions for playing tournament matches. Please make yourself aware of these before signing up for a RBGC tournament.

These can be found at: Backgammon Resources - UKBGF

Effectively this means that we always use the doubling dice and adopt the Crawford rule.

Clocks are optional but will be introduced if matches are at risk of overrunning the venues closing time.  Currently 11pm.

Tournament matches will generally be to 7 points but, if required, shortened to 5 points.

Prize money will be optional and split between the top two finalists. The ratio of the split will be decided between the two players. If no agreement can be reached a 70:30 split will apply.

Delegates need to register by midday latest on the tournament date, using the RBGC WhatsApp Group.

Once registered players will be randomly assigned to play each other.

All matches played at RBGC will qualify for ranking points.

All match results will be collected by The club Manager and forwarded to the UKBGF.

It is expected that all player’s remain polite and abide by match etiquette.


Should you have any questions please contact me,

Cliff Eaton RBGC Manager