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Rated Match Policy

On 15th March 2017, the UKBGF adopted its official results policy PDF, which is designed to establish a standard for the quality of results posted to this site.

The UKBGF policy is supplemented by local policies, which give club managers the freedom to define local rules that work for the way their events are run.

The manager for Sheffield data on this site is Vincent Nolan.

The local policy for Sheffield is as follows:

The Sheffield Backgammon Club meets each Tuesday evening. All club league matches that have been played face to face will be recorded on the UKBGF rating system. Official club knockouts involving 4 players or more will also be included. No match that was not played live at one of the club’s meetings will be recorded in the ratings, nor will any that were played online, or are incomplete, or are walkovers, or are friendlies. The results for eligible events are recorded onto the UKBGF ratings system by Vincent Nolan.