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Sheffield Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Ian Shaw1,737.35146
2Ian Copley1,663.00983
3Simon Naylor1,624.33574
4Ian Coddington1,576.86427
5Sean Broadie1,546.2020
6Michael Murfin1,493.56329
7Vincent Nolan1,491.374416
8Shaun Goode1,486.974182
9Luke Durham1,471.947
10Mark Lane1,451.82754
11Emma Jones1,431.501018
12Adam Clarke1,291.43387
13Steve White (Sheffield)1,254.791017
14Robert Davenport1,167.011030

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for 3 full seasons.

Last result added on 2022-09-23.

How ratings are calculated.