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St Albans match results from 2023-10-03 to 2023-10-03

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Jon Barnes32111055
Annie Craig532115105
Becca Bell312-1510-5
Liviu Ionescu101-105-5
Emad Salib101-105-5
Roni Sofroniou440420020
Hannah Parente312-1510-5
Sean Clennell2110550
Martin Reade101-105-5
Daniel Plumbota32111055
Chris G Rogers32111055
Chris Purchase431215510
Eugene Pritchard413-2515-10
Simon Mouradian422010100
Surinder Mohindra312-1510-5
Marios Iacovides101-105-5
Adrian Dinulescu2110550
Andrew Fotiadis101-105-5
Willum Scott2110550

Total of 19 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2023-10-03Jon Barnes5-Marios IacovidesTournament (R1)
2edit Tue 2023-10-03Annie Craig-5Adrian DinulescuTournament (R1)
3edit Tue 2023-10-03Becca Bell5-Surinder MohindraTournament (R1)
4edit Tue 2023-10-03Liviu Ionescu-5Jon BarnesTournament (R2)
5edit Tue 2023-10-03Emad Salib-5Chris G RogersTournament (R2)
6edit Tue 2023-10-03Roni Sofroniou5-Andrew FotiadisTournament (R2)
7edit Tue 2023-10-03Hannah Parente5-Simon MouradianTournament (R2)
8edit Tue 2023-10-03Sean Clennell5-Adrian DinulescuTournament (R2)
9edit Tue 2023-10-03Martin Reade-5Chris PurchaseTournament (R2)
10edit Tue 2023-10-03Daniel Plumbota5-Eugene PritchardTournament (R2)
11edit Tue 2023-10-03Becca Bell-5Willum ScottTournament (R2)
12edit Tue 2023-10-03Jon Barnes-5Chris G RogersTournament (QF)
13edit Tue 2023-10-03Roni Sofroniou5-Hannah ParenteTournament (QF)
14edit Tue 2023-10-03Sean Clennell-5Chris PurchaseTournament (QF)
15edit Tue 2023-10-03Daniel Plumbota5-Willum ScottTournament (QF)
16edit Tue 2023-10-03Chris G Rogers-5Roni SofroniouTournament (SF)
17edit Tue 2023-10-03Chris Purchase5-Daniel PlumbotaTournament (SF)
18edit Tue 2023-10-03Roni Sofroniou5-Chris PurchaseTournament (F)
19edit Tue 2023-10-03Eugene Pritchard-5Surinder MohindraTournament (R1)
20edit Tue 2023-10-03Simon Mouradian5-Annie CraigTournament (R1)
21edit Tue 2023-10-03Hannah Parente-5Eugene PritchardTournament (R1)
22edit Tue 2023-10-03Becca Bell-5Annie CraigTournament (R1)
23edit Tue 2023-10-03Surinder Mohindra-5Simon MouradianTournament (SF)
24edit Tue 2023-10-03Eugene Pritchard-5Annie CraigTournament (SF)
25edit Tue 2023-10-03Simon Mouradian-5Annie CraigTournament (F)
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