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Surrey Heath match results from 2022-04-05 to 2022-04-05

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Ronnie Barabich541321129
Rowena Paliwoda42201317-4
John Sheehan422014131
Keith Phillips413-21116-5
Stefan Paliwoda550525916
Debs Salmon404-4620-14
Richard Wesley202-2710-3

Total of 7 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2022-04-05Ronnie Barabich5-Debs Salmon
2edit Tue 2022-04-05Ronnie Barabich5-Keith Phillips
3edit Tue 2022-04-05Ronnie Barabich5-Rowena Paliwoda
4edit Tue 2022-04-05Ronnie Barabich5-John Sheehan
5edit Tue 2022-04-05Rowena Paliwoda5-Keith Phillips
6edit Tue 2022-04-05Rowena Paliwoda5-Richard Wesley
7edit Tue 2022-04-05John Sheehan5-Keith Phillips
8edit Tue 2022-04-05John Sheehan5-Debs Salmon
9edit Tue 2022-04-05Keith Phillips5-Debs Salmon
10edit Tue 2022-04-05Stefan Paliwoda5-Richard Wesley
11edit Tue 2022-04-05Stefan Paliwoda5-John Sheehan
12edit Tue 2022-04-05Stefan Paliwoda5-Debs Salmon
13edit Tue 2022-04-05Stefan Paliwoda5-Rowena Paliwoda
14edit Tue 2022-04-05Stefan Paliwoda5-Ronnie Barabich
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