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TWI Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Tiberiu Bostan1,792.743490
2Radu Ciortan1,792.6910106
3Jon Barnes1,787.4015528
4Stuart Mann1,771.844292
5Oliver Squire1,771.292765
6Gaz Owen1,764.8910170
7David Brown1,753.194368
8Richard McQuillan1,748.503861
9Reece Hodges1,741.531475
10Cat Bucur1,727.139375
11Alastair Woods1,724.422354
12Tim Cross1,717.829345
13Alexander Polden1,710.474450
14Saul Brody1,708.243681
15Dan Rovira1,702.793461
16Sean Casey1,699.001078
17Neculai Axinte1,694.442486
18Martin Barkwill1,685.617641
19Steve Bibby1,681.778420
20Brian Lever1,674.337137
21Rachel Rhodes1,669.248867
22David Nathan1,666.055149
23David Sanders (Worcester)1,657.015032
24Kevin Jones1,650.6817332
25Nick Sandqvist1,649.852473
26Liviu Ionescu1,640.872109
27Andrew Darby1,640.474064
28Paul Moulton1,627.571926
29David Phillips1,616.731655
30Sean Clennell1,609.5615605
31Tom Thorpe1,608.401275
32Anna Price1,603.2015176
33Tim Line1,603.0310651
34Steve Lee1,601.569789
35Daniel Molan1,597.253489
36Merrin Rose1,592.962700
37Seán Jones1,590.967339
38Christoph Deiter1,589.104470
39Adrian Farthing1,582.702506
40Paul Christmas1,575.091070
41Becca Bell1,563.243404
42Gregge Madan1,548.559699
43John Horton1,538.122846
44Peter Hodson1,535.703885
45CJ Uttley1,528.617038
46John McNeill1,528.332055
47Sarah Jolliff1,526.797116
48Ben Owen1,526.128209
49Mark Radley1,525.091063
50Simon Tracy1,510.94985
51Mike Shewry1,491.56648
52Roland Archer1,482.941850
53Michele De Havilland1,479.173427
54Aydin Kolcak1,469.432275
55Beáta Kiss1,455.011614
56Rosalie Johnson1,408.183560
57Cynthia Roberts1,386.757126

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for 3 full seasons.

Last result added on 2023-09-26.

How ratings are calculated.