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Wanstead match results from 2021-11-22 to 2021-11-22

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Adam Wershof532115105
Roger Oldring330315015
Alan Beckerson422010100
Monica Beckerson633015150
Brian Mehlman431215510
Pete Daly422010100
Neil Taylor633015150
Simon Hopper514-3520-15
Jerry Davis2110550
Edward Howey514-3520-15

Total of 10 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2021-11-22Adam Wershof5-Simon Hopper
2edit Mon 2021-11-22Roger Oldring5-Neil Taylor
3edit Mon 2021-11-22Alan Beckerson5-Jerry Davis
4edit Mon 2021-11-22Monica Beckerson5-Edward Howey
5edit Mon 2021-11-22Monica Beckerson5-Edward Howey
6edit Mon 2021-11-22Brian Mehlman5-Adam Wershof
7edit Mon 2021-11-22Pete Daly5-Alan Beckerson
8edit Mon 2021-11-22Neil Taylor5-Simon Hopper
9edit Mon 2021-11-22Brian Mehlman5-Monica Beckerson
10edit Mon 2021-11-22Adam Wershof5-Edward Howey
11edit Mon 2021-11-22Neil Taylor5-Pete Daly
12edit Mon 2021-11-22Simon Hopper5-Alan Beckerson
13edit Mon 2021-11-22Adam Wershof5-Neil Taylor
14edit Mon 2021-11-22Roger Oldring5-Monica Beckerson
15edit Mon 2021-11-22Pete Daly5-Edward Howey
16edit Mon 2021-11-22Alan Beckerson5-Brian Mehlman
17edit Mon 2021-11-22Jerry Davis5-Simon Hopper
18edit Mon 2021-11-22Neil Taylor5-Monica Beckerson
19edit Mon 2021-11-22Monica Beckerson5-Neil Taylor
20edit Mon 2021-11-22Roger Oldring5-Adam Wershof
21edit Mon 2021-11-22Edward Howey5-Pete Daly
22edit Mon 2021-11-22Brian Mehlman5-Simon Hopper
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