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Wanstead match results from 2022-06-06 to 2022-06-06

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Perry Simmons5413241311
Tiberiu Bostan761533825
Neculai Axinte532121201
Neil Taylor954131283
Pete Daly440420128
Jerry Davis523-11821-3
Adina Babias523-11219-7
Roger Oldring32111266
Dan Cloake532117134
David Tulip624-22024-4
Darren Clack514-31424-10
Gabriel Thompson312-11116-5
Hannah Parente606-61132-21
John Jestico202-219-8

Total of 14 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2022-06-06Perry Simmons5-Adina Babias
2edit Mon 2022-06-06Perry Simmons5-Neil Taylor
3edit Mon 2022-06-06Tiberiu Bostan5-Neculai Axinte
4edit Mon 2022-06-06Tiberiu Bostan5-Hannah Parente
5edit Mon 2022-06-06Neculai Axinte5-Jerry Davis
6edit Mon 2022-06-06Neculai Axinte5-Neil Taylor
7edit Mon 2022-06-06Neil Taylor5-David Tulip
8edit Mon 2022-06-06Pete Daly5-Hannah Parente
9edit Mon 2022-06-06Neil Taylor5-Hannah Parente
10edit Mon 2022-06-06Perry Simmons5-Tiberiu Bostan
11edit Mon 2022-06-06Jerry Davis5-David Tulip
12edit Mon 2022-06-06Adina Babias5-David Tulip
13edit Mon 2022-06-06Tiberiu Bostan5-Dan Cloake
14edit Mon 2022-06-06Neil Taylor5-Adina Babias
15edit Mon 2022-06-06Roger Oldring4-John Jestico
16edit Mon 2022-06-06Perry Simmons5-David Tulip
17edit Mon 2022-06-06Neil Taylor5-John Jestico
18edit Mon 2022-06-06Dan Cloake5-Gabriel Thompson
19edit Mon 2022-06-06Adina Babias5-Dan Cloake
20edit Mon 2022-06-06Pete Daly5-Roger Oldring
21edit Mon 2022-06-06Roger Oldring5-Jerry Davis
22edit Mon 2022-06-06Dan Cloake5-Neil Taylor
23edit Mon 2022-06-06Tiberiu Bostan5-Darren Clack
24edit Mon 2022-06-06Tiberiu Bostan5-Darren Clack
25edit Mon 2022-06-06David Tulip5-Adina Babias
26edit Mon 2022-06-06Tiberiu Bostan5-Neil Taylor
27edit Mon 2022-06-06David Tulip5-Hannah Parente
28edit Mon 2022-06-06Dan Cloake5-Darren Clack
29edit Mon 2022-06-06Neil Taylor5-Jerry Davis
30edit Mon 2022-06-06Pete Daly5-Gabriel Thompson
31edit Mon 2022-06-06Pete Daly5-Neculai Axinte
32edit Mon 2022-06-06Darren Clack5-Hannah Parente
33edit Mon 2022-06-06Perry Simmons47Neculai AxinteInternal league
34edit Mon 2022-06-06Gabriel Thompson76Darren ClackInternal league
35edit Mon 2022-06-06Hannah Parente57Jerry DavisInternal league
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