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Wanstead match results from 2022-06-13 to 2022-06-13

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Paul Rose431218108
Perry Simmons422020182
Bill Pope321113103
Pete Daly42201516-1
Tiberiu Bostan440422616
Roger Oldring2110853
Dan Cloake42201517-2
Neil Taylor633023230
Jerry Davis413-21122-11
Hannah Parente321113130
Neculai Axinte422012120
Antaeus Schulz514-31828-10
Hywel Jenkins321116115
Alan Beckerson42201518-3
Monica Beckerson211013121
John Jestico202-2612-6
John Levicki514-31134-23
Lilian Lousky4220241410
Adam Wershof413-21220-8
Gabriel Thompson413-21416-2
Brian Mehlman220214122
Mike Ireland5413331716

Total of 22 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2022-06-13Paul Rose5-Hannah Parente
2edit Mon 2022-06-13Perry Simmons5-Adam Wershof
3edit Mon 2022-06-13Bill Pope5-Neil Taylor
4edit Mon 2022-06-13Pete Daly5-Gabriel Thompson
5edit Mon 2022-06-13Tiberiu Bostan5-Jerry Davis
6edit Mon 2022-06-13Roger Oldring5-John Jestico
7edit Mon 2022-06-13Pete Daly5-Alan Beckerson
8edit Mon 2022-06-13Paul Rose5-Neil Taylor
9edit Mon 2022-06-13Dan Cloake5-Adam Wershof
10edit Mon 2022-06-13Tiberiu Bostan5-Neculai Axinte
11edit Mon 2022-06-13Neil Taylor5-Adam Wershof
12edit Mon 2022-06-13Jerry Davis5-Bill Pope
13edit Mon 2022-06-13Bill Pope5-Perry Simmons
14edit Mon 2022-06-13Hannah Parente5-Neil Taylor
15edit Mon 2022-06-13Neculai Axinte5-Gabriel Thompson
16edit Mon 2022-06-13Tiberiu Bostan5-Pete Daly
17edit Mon 2022-06-13Antaeus Schulz5-Neculai Axinte
18edit Mon 2022-06-13Hywel Jenkins5-Dan Cloake
19edit Mon 2022-06-13Hywel Jenkins5-Roger Oldring
20edit Mon 2022-06-13Jerry Davis67Mike IrelandInternal league
21edit Mon 2022-06-13Hywel Jenkins67Brian MehlmanInternal league
22edit Mon 2022-06-13Paul Rose17Neculai AxinteInternal league
23edit Mon 2022-06-13Antaeus Schulz37Tiberiu BostanInternal league
24edit Mon 2022-06-13Perry Simmons57Dan CloakeInternal league
25edit Mon 2022-06-13Alan Beckerson07Mike IrelandInternal league
26edit Mon 2022-06-13Monica Beckerson75Mike IrelandInternal league
27edit Mon 2022-06-13Pete Daly27Perry SimmonsInternal league
28edit Mon 2022-06-13Hannah Parente74John LevickiInternal league
29edit Mon 2022-06-13Paul Rose72Dan CloakeInternal league
30edit Mon 2022-06-13Antaeus Schulz17Gabriel ThompsonInternal league
31edit Mon 2022-06-13John Jestico67Brian MehlmanInternal league
32edit Mon 2022-06-13Antaeus Schulz57Adam WershofInternal league
33edit Mon 2022-06-13Monica Beckerson67John LevickiInternal league
34edit Mon 2022-06-13John Levicki07Alan BeckersonInternal league
35edit Mon 2022-06-13Antaeus Schulz47Neil TaylorInternal league
36edit Mon 2022-06-13John Levicki07Mike IrelandInternal league
37edit Mon 2022-06-13Neil Taylor5-Gabriel Thompson
38edit Mon 2022-06-13Lilian Lousky47Mike IrelandInternal league
39edit Mon 2022-06-13Lilian Lousky67Alan BeckersonInternal league
40edit Mon 2022-06-13Lilian Lousky70John LevickiInternal league
41edit Mon 2022-06-13Lilian Lousky70Jerry DavisInternal league
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