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Wanstead match results from 2022-11-07 to 2022-11-07

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Brian Mehlman42201719-2
Perry Simmons4312231310
Neil Taylor53212227-5
Paul Rose211012120
John Levicki330321129
Monica Beckerson4312261214
Alan Beckerson431224168
Adam Wershof624-22630-4
Dan Cloake523-12127-6
Jerry Davis312-117152
Hywel Jenkins2110713-6
Pete Daly422020182
Roger Oldring303-31021-11
John Jestico101-137-4
Noah Bernstein202-2714-7

Total of 15 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Mon 2022-11-07Brian Mehlman7-Adam Wershof
2edit Mon 2022-11-07Perry Simmons7-Dan Cloake
3edit Mon 2022-11-07Neil Taylor7-Roger Oldring
4edit Mon 2022-11-07Paul Rose7-Adam Wershof
5edit Mon 2022-11-07John Levicki7-Brian Mehlman
6edit Mon 2022-11-07Monica Beckerson7-Hywel Jenkins
7edit Mon 2022-11-07Alan Beckerson7-John Jestico
8edit Mon 2022-11-07Neil Taylor7-Pete Daly
9edit Mon 2022-11-07Adam Wershof7-Roger Oldring
10edit Mon 2022-11-07Dan Cloake7-Jerry Davis
11edit Mon 2022-11-07Dan Cloake7-Neil Taylor
12edit Mon 2022-11-07Alan Beckerson7-Perry Simmons
13edit Mon 2022-11-07Monica Beckerson7-Brian Mehlman
14edit Mon 2022-11-07Adam Wershof7-Dan Cloake
15edit Mon 2022-11-07Perry Simmons7-Neil Taylor
16edit Mon 2022-11-07Jerry Davis7-Pete Daly
17edit Mon 2022-11-07John Levicki7-Paul Rose
18edit Mon 2022-11-07Monica Beckerson7-Adam Wershof
19edit Mon 2022-11-07Hywel Jenkins7-Noah Bernstein
20edit Mon 2022-11-07Brian Mehlman7-Dan Cloake
21edit Mon 2022-11-07Pete Daly7-Adam Wershof
22edit Mon 2022-11-07Neil Taylor7-Jerry Davis
23edit Mon 2022-11-07Pete Daly7-Alan Beckerson
24edit Mon 2022-11-07John Levicki7-Monica Beckerson
25edit Mon 2022-11-07Perry Simmons7-Noah Bernstein
26edit Mon 2022-11-07Alan Beckerson7-Roger Oldring
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