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Rated Match Policy

On 15th March 2017, the UKBGF adopted its official results policy PDF, which is designed to establish a standard for the quality of results posted to this site.

The UKBGF policy is supplemented by local policies, which give club managers the freedom to define local rules that work for the way their events are run.

The manager for Wanstead data on this site is Pete Daly.

The local policy for Wanstead is as follows:

Wanstead Backgammon Society meets every Monday at 7:30 in the The Duke Public House in Wanstead East London. The format of play is follows:

  • All "reportable "matches are up to 5 points with the doubling cube and are played in strict accordance with UKBGF rules
  • Each session is played on a "round robin" basis with each player playing every other player wherever possible. The results of these matches are recorded to create a "ladder"
  • At the end of each quarter a knockout tournament will be played if there is sufficient interest. The draw for the knockout tournament is done by drawing names out of a "hat". The preliminary rounds are 3 point games without the use of the doubling cube. Semi finals are 5 points with the doubling cube in play and the final is a 7 point match again with the doubling cube in play

I record all results and report them to the UKBGF. Any unfinished matches are not reported. Players not wishing to play rated matches can arrange matches as they please with each other. All players agree to adhere to this policy. I have final say in all matters