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Worcester match results from 2023-01-24 to 2023-01-24

Results summary

NameMatchesMatch points
Garry Jones101-1811-3
Dave Pritchard101-11011-1
James England101-1611-5
Carl Smith1101972
Mervyn Bleach21101016-6
Michael Gorny101-189-1
Chris Perks211016124
David Sanders (Worcester)1101918
Dominic Marshall202-2514-9
Paul Addison101-147-3
Alan Pattison1101716
Seán Jones11011183
Darren Mansell110111101
Richard Munslow11011165
Nick Close202-21018-8
Shelley St James1101981
George Michaela2110810-2
Bob Hay22021468

Total of 18 players.

Matches in chronological order

DatePlayer 1 Player 2Notes
1edit Tue 2023-01-24Garry Jones-11Seán Jones
2edit Tue 2023-01-24Dave Pritchard-11Darren Mansell
3edit Tue 2023-01-24James England-11Richard Munslow
4edit Tue 2023-01-24Carl Smith9-Nick Close
5edit Tue 2023-01-24Mervyn Bleach9-Chris Perks
6edit Tue 2023-01-24Michael Gorny-9Shelley St James
7edit Tue 2023-01-24Chris Perks9-Nick Close
8edit Tue 2023-01-24David Sanders (Worcester)9-Mervyn Bleach
9edit Tue 2023-01-24Dominic Marshall-7George Michaela
10edit Tue 2023-01-24Paul Addison-7Bob Hay
11edit Tue 2023-01-24Dominic Marshall-7Bob Hay
12edit Tue 2023-01-24Alan Pattison7-George Michaela
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