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BIBA Ratings Table

Note: the ratings of players with low 'Experience' figures (especially less than 400) should be regarded as provisional. How ratings are calculated.

1Jon Barnes1,801.0714414
2Richard McQuillan1,785.493382
3Mike Grabsky1,762.661600
4Steve Bibby1,751.567314
5Dan Rovira1,740.042994
6Bob Young1,734.064376
7Peter Bennet1,732.7710780
8Eric McAlpine1,729.628054
9Paul Plumptre1,720.166417
10Ergin Ahmet1,712.94967
11Simon Morecroft1,712.7811448
12Neil Webb1,711.362801
13Lawrence Powell1,708.208946
14Robin Swaffield1,707.38724
15Richard Biddle1,704.167486
16Peter Finnimore1,702.024728
17Peter Christmas1,691.673480
18Yan Kit Chan1,680.211493
19Brian Lever1,674.337137
20Frédéric Bonard1,674.13346
21Emad Salib1,670.768540
22Rob Perry1,663.217155
23Graham Read1,658.905484
24Sean Clennell1,651.4814444
25Dave Pritchard1,648.9311153
26Richard Halvorsen1,642.014032
27Nicky Check1,641.543410
28Colin Harrocks1,633.62246
29Anna Price1,628.3114061
30Crispin Duke1,619.334497
31Arthur Thurgood1,618.88259
32Anna Parker1,617.036468
33Paul Christmas1,586.771009
34Sean Thomas1,584.754685
35Paul Barwick1,575.215706
36Stuart Rogers1,574.522942
37Peter Farrer1,574.353011
38Mick McGowan1,570.281975
39Wayne Joseph1,564.572622
40Gary Young1,561.54718
41David Tingey1,544.843656
42Nils Figenschou1,539.422376
43Bob Bruce1,537.004227
44Mike Pelss1,530.84289
45John McNeill1,528.342055
46Jamie Degabriele1,509.41676
47Michele De Havilland1,506.172785
48Tim Parfitt1,503.293513
49Kevin Bailey1,503.181254
50Myke Wignall1,492.61578
51Greg Lipper1,485.07316
52Brian Gillot1,455.4386
53Len Jones1,451.023313
54Bernadette Roeber1,423.8328
55Ray Fard1,416.80521
56Sue Perks1,383.133181

Ratings for new players start at 1,500. Players are removed from the rating table if they have not recorded any results for 3 full seasons.

Last result added on 2023-02-08.

How ratings are calculated.